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About BioSun Pharmed

BioSun Pharmed is an Iranian pioneer company active in research, development and manufacturing high quality and safe biopharmaceuticals from API to finished dosage forms using the latest knowledge and technologies based on local and global standards.
Our goal in BioSun Pharmed is to make progress in health care, improve quality of life, create long- term value for patients, employees and shareholders and take part to sustainable development of pharmaceutical industry of Iran using knowledge, talent, resources and capabilities with respect to ethical and professional considerations
At BioSun Pharmed quality is an integral part of our mission. We are committed to quality, safety and efficacy of our products to meet the requirements of patients, health care professionals, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders. Our  Quality Management System based on ICH Q10 Pharmaceutical Quality System principles, enables us to develop high quality, safe and effective products according to local and global standards and regulations. Quality Management System of BioSun Pharmed which consists of Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Regulatory Affairs Systems, establishes and maintains a state of control through development and usage of effective monitoring and control systems for process performance and product quality. The system provides assurance of ongoing suitability and capability of processes and facilitates continuous improvement.
To protect our business and maintain quality of products, a systematic process has been developed for identification, assessment and management of potential and existing risks.


Leading company in research,  development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products and services in MENA region


Research, development and production of high quality and safe products and services using the latest  advances in biotechnology based on global standards with respect to ethical and professional principles


Working based on knowledge, expertise and ethics
Commitment to manufacturing high quality, safe and effective products and services with respect to environmental issues
Value creation for patients, staff and shareholders
Transparency in business
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